For every new beginning along with the blessing we actually need a good advisor to make things happen in the right way. There are several moral reasons for hiring an accountant for your company’s growth. From a commercial plan to company formation, finance application to a tax audit, an accountant can make life relaxed for you at each step. That doesn’t mean you always need to employ an accountant full-time or hire one on an allowance basis. Sometimes just a couple of hours of their time will be enough based on your company structure. So employing an accountant not only look after our records, credit, and debits but also suggest to us the current update in the market based on which we can grow our company towards the growth.

Why later not now

Writing a business plan in the early stage of any business, hiring a professional in this stage will benefit us with their financial knowledge and guidance. Having an accountant while we are writing our strategic plan may assist us in utilizing accounting software to project our monetary status and other reports. This will help us to create a successful business plan which is very accurate, qualified, time and money saver, so employing an accountant in this stage is best than employing later.

Legal organization

So after writing the business plan we next think upon our business structure, based on our company profile and investment we decide on the formation whether we go on the single owner, partner, or private company, not all the company have the same legal structure and procedures, we have so many types of company were we determine based on the factors.

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership firm
  • One person company
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Private limited company
  • Public limited company

This is the central stage were an accountant help us in deciding our company structure with the help of your requirements, nature of the company, capital and forecast the future profit and growth with all legal formalities and procedures need to be done to make your company a lawful organization

Heartbeat of the business

Business accounting will quickly become complicated if you are doing it on your own. If you are losing management of who owes you cash and the way abundant, the Accountant will assist you to retreat to heading in the right direction. You may additionally need to live key business metrics, like the magnitude relation of salaries and different worker payments to total revenue. The accountant will facilitate here by managing your payroll and display graphs thus you’ll see however the magnitude relation changes over time. If your accountant uses a cloud-based accounting software package, they’re going to be able to share your business accounts with you quickly and simply. And that they will turn out tables and charts that may assist you to perceive your company’s current money scenario at a look. This may assist you to monitor the heartbeat of your business and keep track of necessary things like income.

Trust and delegate

Employing an accountant should be a trustable person, for a small scale business the owner may have a second eye on each and everything, but when it comes to the large scale the owner has various key roles in the business and he may feel overworked or stressed if you do multitasking, he cannot intervene in everything at all times. So he may trust his accountant and delegate responsibilities like payroll and other financial affairs, since money is a sensible part of the business we need to have a professional accountant who is very much dependent on our company activities. Many successful business owners in the field are specialists at delegating work to the right people – so let us try and succeed.

Government-for the people

Yes, as the heading says the government is for us but when you deal with the paperwork with the government policies a normal person will feel like his Head spinning, this is the stage where so many owners will not go for a second thought in hiring an accountant. The accountant not only tax your returns but also deals with interacting your company with the government in many other ways.

  • An accountant can file the required legal and compliance documents for your business
  • Will maintain all the share details, business formation details, allocation of shares, stockholders retirement date or any new share add up details.
  • Preparing annual statements of accounts for your business.
  • Updating the business with the latest tax laws.
  • Maintain the records of all board of directors and other administrative personnel.
  • Records the employees’ payroll, tax details along with the personal information for any future need.

Preparing your tax document accurately may prevent cash, may be more than your accountant charges you. A decent profession can use their information of tax laws and legislation to counsel ways that you will be able to unencumber income, save cash for and lift capital for enlargement.


Auditing any company is one of the rules under the companies Act by the authorized government auditors at any stage of the business. If you have not hired an accountant, this is the good and crucial time to hire one. Since without a proper accounting of business it will be more expensive, stressful and time consuming. The accountant may take over the business activities under the auditing process and also ensure the company is not violated any tax laws. It’s healthier to have an accountant before an audit ever happens, particularly if you can find one who will deal with audit insurance. Audit insurance covers the charges you would have had to pay if your business needed to respond to a certified enquiry, review, investigation or audit by a tax division. An accountant who deals audit insurance means they won’t charge any extra for the significant amount of work they’ll have to carry out during the audit process. Few accounting software integrates an audit trail. This makes it formal for you and the government to see exactly what trades have taken place over time – and who certified them.

Bank relation

Getting a business loan may not be as easier for a startup company, to project your company to the credit level marked by the banks can be done by the accountant. The accountant can use few accounting software to present the facts and figures that weight up your application for funding. He may also help you in clarifying any doubt that you go on in the bank verification. Your accountant also help you to choose the right bank based on your company structure, requirement and business nature and very important is the interest rate and terms and condition which is favorable to you.

Growth strategy

Companies do not perpetually grow at a gradual rate. A surprise client or a giant project will mean you would like to grow your business a lot of quickly than expected. Accountant will assist you handle growth transitions, like hiring staff or usurping a lot of workplace area. They’re going to take care of the detail (payroll, worker tax management, land tax, utility payments and then on), deed you absolve to scrutinize the larger image of the approach your business is growing. Accountant may also use accounting computer code to analyze your income, stock management and evaluation. They will additionally give insight into a way to properly grow your business through monetary analysis. They might even facilitate confirm once is that the best time to introduce a replacement product or service providing to your vary.


Buying or selling business captivating on a franchise may be a fashionable methodology of starting off in business, particularly in areas like motorcar particularization, cosmetics offer, lawn-mowing, messenger delivery operations, and fast-food restaurants. With a franchise, you’ll be able to still be your own, nevertheless reciprocally for a share of the revenue or business equity, the franchise company can support you with whole selling, sales, product offers, and alternative vital matters.
This can take a number of the danger out of beginning a brand new business. However, on the drawback you’ll have less business freedom and inflated overheads, as a result of a number of your financial gain can move to the franchise parent company. Franchise contracts vary, therefore the quantity you pay and keep will vary. It will be arduous for somebody new running a business to inform whether or not it’s price usurping a selected franchise. That is where the accountant bourgeois will facilitate. They will inspect the franchise contract to seek out the fees and percentages charged, then assist you to estimate your possible financial gain once those prices are subtracted.
Only you’ll be able to decide whether or not you then need to require on the franchise or not. However armed with careful information on the finances, you’ll be able to create that call with larger confidence.

Buying or selling business

Buying or else selling any business is no just a cakewalk, you have to go through a detailed study before processing, and you have to get advised with your accountant and a legal person before you buy a business. The accountant and the lawyer may check the company assets or any other outstanding debt. Legal owners and get clearance from the local parties.  An accountant will put your business’s financial archives in order and produce statements of accounts that you can show to potential buyers. By using the technical software they can project our company status in colorful charts and tables which may attract the buyers. Few accounting terms which we generally don’t understand under the company policies can be explained by the accountant to the owners. The most important, an accountant can service you to structure your monetary affairs so that you get the market rate from selling your business. Based on how which the sale is structured, the amount of money you receive after tax can vary noticeably.

So finally, you may understand the importance of hiring an accountant in each stage of the business, you may think of not hiring an accountant due to small scale business, but actually looking after various cases always a good advisor and a plan maker is necessary for all our business aspects by accounting our business as well projecting and refreshing us always through the current status where we can blink and take upon actions accordingly. “Behind every successful businessman, there is a great accountant”.

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