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Step by step procedure for incorporation (pvt. Ltd.) By Phoenix Tax

Our company Phoenix Tax has dedicated professional team who has adequate knowledge in handling all kinds of clients and their enquiries in a faster manner. We understand that most of the clients are business people and emerging companies in the market. They are approaching us to get the proper information for growing the company without any kinds of legal issues in the future. We have legal professionals in accounting service that is able to guide our clients in getting registration and approval process in a quicker manner without any delay. We understand that every clients are important and they should make their company grew as they stated in their goal sheet. We are working with our clients for enabling their challenges and targets at the right time.

We understand that as they grew as company they need to change their legal designation of the company from one time to another time. Most of the clients are enquiring on how to change my company into incorporation (pvt.Ltd.).We are following some of the step by step procedure for making our clients to understand about the process in much easier manner. We have more amount of experience in processing such kinds of registration and have good credit in making all kinds of companies in various states in India.

Registration And Application Process

The steps that we follow for doing such kinds of registration for the company to the clients and it includes: we will provide various choices for the clients in selecting their own company names. We will be providing up to ten different names for the clients and we will make them to select six different names out of it. We have dedicated software with the company and this would help clients in getting different kinds of names based on the sector or field of business. Such software is also check with the internet and other third party databases to identify if there is any presence of such kinds of names in already existing list.

This is our unique way for the clients on choosing the company names as per their request at all times. Then, we will take company name for approval with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs with the supported forms filled with it. Some of the other forms for this kind of registration that we follow are form 1, 18, and 32. These forms are dedicated for declaration of compliance for the company, registered office notification, and particulars of management team of the company. Followed by these forms, we will get digital signature from the directors of the company and send it to the same department for processing. We will also follow some of the additional steps for getting Public Limited Company and out support team will help in getting information for such category.

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