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GST is one indirect tax for the whole nation, which will make India one unified common market.

Account keeping
Account Keeping To Manage Your Business Effortlessly

Managing your business accounts is one of the crucial steps in running a company successfully. It can keep off the unnecessary expenses that you may avail over the time course because of insufficient documentation of the information. Through the collation of all your business profits and expenditures, you can have an accurate record of all the events in the timeframe since starting your company. It is a very useful prospect in the circumstances when an internal or external auditing is to be done for your company and in times of tax calculation.

In general, there are two types of book keeping namely simple and electronic book keeping. These are maintained either by accountants or the owner itself in case of small scale businesses. A single wrong entry may cause severe consequences to the user in terms of financial estimation and subsequent troubles in the auditor’s work that may lead to an adverse opinion on the part of the auditor. To avoid these problems, Phoenix Tax services offers the business people their amenities in accounts keeping and maintaining ledgers of the company. Our accurate and reliable account keeping has been known for years and highly lauded among the business owners in the Chennai metropolitan area.

Account Keeping For All Kinds Of Sectors

Our company’s services does not discriminate small scale from large scale business. We provide Accounts keeping services for a wide array of business deals and purposes. The services are designed in such a way to maintain the accounts effectively without any of the errors that one might witness in an account managed by a single person. We are particularly aware of the human errors in such records and follow multi-level checking with redundancy to avoid the human errors. Our company’s accountants are experts with several years’ experience and can spot an error from a mile away.


From the listing, one could observe that our employees take care of the even minor expenses by following a hierarchical system in avoiding errors in the ultimate financial expense and the profits of the company. While our day books and petty cash books record the day to day transactions; the journals and ledgers are used to maintain a summary of final transactions.

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