EPF return

GST is one indirect tax for the whole nation, which will make India one unified common market.

Know Short and Long Term Goals with Proper Tax Planning

Here you know about the tax saving options below that you can meet long and short term financial goals. Around the world, nothing to do except death and taxes, every year government opens up new options for tax savings based on encouraging the tax payers using those monies better. And moreover, most of the time the taxpayers tends to put off saving plans at the last minute and someone has missed out the right investment chances. With the little bit of planning you can get the twin benefits of sound investment combined with the tax benefits.

EPF and PPF are the best investments the main reason behind this the interest earned using those models is tax free. Those policies are also called as risk free because both are guaranteed by the government of India and there is no risk of default and virtually. The one and only drawback is those policies are long term in nature. In that way the long term policies are good because it imposes good financial discipline. Another type of NSC, KVP and post office savings are there, but the interest earned is taxable one. In that the benefit is short term maturity policies. For that you can get it individual plans under this lock period.

Policies Make Benefits in Your Future

ULPI is also the best option but their charges are humongous one. After that change the ULIP structure designed by IRDA, it will be the better option. And moreover, there is getting apprehension based on ULIP finds with more conservative investing and their returns will be less you can get. In that clearly Epf Return is the best instrument for long term investment. This policy is not only saves your taxes and also provides the highest returns among the other policies. The risk in that so high in that case the returns are linked to the market price. There are immense of varieties available in the EPF, investors and markets have look the debt and equity proportion to decide the suitable EPF investments. Before that you must do the research in EPF to find out the right fund house for your investments. Take look out the previous returns data for that last five years and overview of those returns since inception of the fund from the basic idea of the current trends to be expected.

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