What is an FSSAI License and Registration?

FSSAI is the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. The Food license registration in Tambaram, Chennai is an authorization that enables an establishment to sell food commercially in Chennai. As per the FSSAI official website, any food business operator that’s within the business of producing, processing, storing, distributing, and sale of food should compulsorily apply for and have an FSSAI Registration. So, the scope of the FSSAI goes on top of and on the far side restaurants. A Tax Consultant in Chennai says, excluding serving as a legal certificate, an FSSAI License could be a mark of a benchmark food quality. After you register with the FSSAI, you are given a unique fourteen-digit identification number. Your business is given a license relying upon the dimensions of operation. This is a unique identification number for your building.

Issuing authority of FSSAI License

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an independent organization established below the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India that works for food safety and laws in India. FSSAI was fashioned below the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, and is accountable for promoting and protecting people’s health through the management and regulation of food safety in India.

We provide FSSAi registration to all food business operators throughout Chennai and Tamilnadu. FSSAI license should be obtained by varied food business operators, together with traders, makers, and food store homeowners. FSSAI registration in Tambaram, Chennai is equally necessary for food business operators, thus let’s discuss the FSSAI registration sorts and methods that shall more profit business owners.

FSSAI Registration method

The FSSAI has recently launched an online application method known as the FLRS that stands for Food Licensing and Registration System. You can be able to access the page by clicking https://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in/index.aspx

FLRS currently provides users the choice of checking the eligibility for the license and applying for it online. Additionally to the present, it conjointly sends out machine-controlled alerts to entrepreneurs via a text message and email so the registration and license may be revived timely as connoted by the best Tax Consultant in Tambaram, Chennai.

Online Application of the FSSAI License

Follow these Steps to use for the FSSAI License on-line

  •  Check your eligibility for the registration or state/central license by going to FSSAI’s official website (Link – http://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in).
  • To have your account activated fill out the sign-up form for the given criteria.
  • Log in to your recently created account and begin filling out the application form. Certify that you just have all the documents that are needed for the standards you chose.
  • Once you are done with the form, click submit and take a print out and keep it as a duplicate. A reference number would then be shared with you to keep track of the status of your application.
  • Within seven days of form submission, Registering Authority (RA) shall issue the registration certificate or reject the applying, based on their verification and observation
  • Food business operator might begin the business once he/she receives approval certificate from the Registering Authority. If needed, RA might issue notice for review and therefore the order shall be given within seven days. Inspection will be wiped out within thirty days and after that, the Food Business Operator might begin the business.

Offline Application

If the offline mode of payment is additionally convenient for you, FSSAI provides you a provision for that likewise. Within fifteen days of the submission of your form, the applicant must take a printout form, attach a requirement draft of the number (in case the fees aren’t paid online), and submit the supporting documents alongside the application to the State Authority. Name of the applicant, company address, email address, mobile number, user ID, password and finally agreeing on the terms of use of Food Licensing & Registration System (FLRS)should be submitted with the registration form.

FSSAI Registration Eligibility

For Food license registration in Tambaram, Chennai a business must qualify the following criteria, according to a Tax Consultant in Chennai.

  • Food Business Operators with an annual turnover of over Rs. 12 lakh
  • Applicants dealing on food merchandise solely
  • SSIs dealing in food business
  • Food operators producing and commerce food merchandise by his/her own
Food production capability (milk and meat things not includedUp to one hundred kg/litre per day  
Collection, handling and procurance of milkUp to five hundred litres/day
Slaughtering Capacity2 giant animals or ten tiny animals or fifty poultry birds per day

Documents needed for FSSAI Registration

  • Photo Identity of the business Operator .
  • Proof of the entire possession of property (eg. Rental Agreement ).
  • A Partnership Deed or an Incorporation Certificate.
  • List of food products (that would be inputs likewise because the final menu) to be dealt with.
  • A detailed food safety management arrangement.

The following are the documents needed for the FSSAI State License:

  • You must have a government ID proof (Voter ID card, Passport, Driver’s License, Aadhar card).
  • You need to own the Form-B that’s duly filled up and signed (in Duplicate) by the owner or Partner or the licensed signer.
  • You will have to have a blueprint or a layout arrangement of the building having the precise specs (showing the scale in meters) and also the operation-wise space allocation, this could embrace all kitchens or producing spots of your building.
  • All the necessary personnel of your building which might embrace the list of administrators or Partners/Executive Members of Society/Trust with the entire address and contact details. This is often a compulsory detail for any building.
  • A comprehensive list of all instrumentation and machinery alongside the individual details. This is often of importance significantly after you have a room or manufacturing unit.
  • You may need to possess an identity and address proof that is issued by the government. Authority for Proprietor/Partner/Director(s).
  • You must share a listing of food classes to be offered to the purchasers for a FSSAI registration in Tambaram, Chennai.
  • An authority letter that features the key details like name and address, the accountable person nominative by the building. Excluding this, you must include other necessary persons and also the powers vested with them so the POC for any inspections, sample assortment so forth may be simply reached whenever necessary.
  • An updated analysis report of water that is used as a key ingredient within the food preparation method. This could solely be done from a recognized public health laboratory.
  • A valid proof of possession of premises. This might be a procurement deed or a rent agreement.
  • You must have a Food Safety Management arrangement or a certificate of it.
  • In case milk is employed as an ingredient/raw material – you should demonstrate the supply of milk or procurement plan for milk together with location of milk assortment centers (in case of Milk and Milk merchandise processing).
  • In case your building serves non vegetarian choices, you must mention the sources of raw materials for meat, as mentioned by a Tax  Consultant in Chennai.
  • In addition to the water analysis purpose mentioned under point 9, you’d must provide a chemical residue report of water. This is often within the specific instance of units producing packaged drinkable or drinking water and/or drinking water from a recognized public health laboratory.
  • You may even have to point out the business arrangement.
  • You need to have a NOC certificate from the Municipality or native body.
  • A completed version of form IX: Nomination of Persons by an organization alongside the Board Resolution.
  • Certificate provided by the Ministry of tourism.

Fee Structure

Types/CategoryRegistration -1 yearCentral – 1 yearRailways – 1 year
New ApplicationRs. 100Rs. 7500Rs. 2000
Renewal ApplicationRs. 100Rs. 7500Rs. 2000
License/Certificate ModificationRs. 100Rs. 7500Rs. 2000
Duplicate Certificate/LicenseDuplicate Certificate/License10% of the applicable certificate fee10% of the applicable license fee10% of the applicable certificate fee  

Types of FSSAI Licenses

Food License Registration is categorized below 3 classes as mentioned below:

FSSAI Central License

The Food Business Operators (FBOs) are needed to get a Central Food License issued by the Central Government. A central food license operates only if a state is operational for more than a month. The central license then applies to the central alone however it covers all the offices across the country. Usually, a central license is procured by restaurants (FBOs) having an annual turnover of more than twenty crores. The utmost tenure of the Central License is five years and also the minimum is one year.

FSSAI State License

Small to mid-sized businesses are expected to get the FSSAI state license. This license is issued by the government of that individual state where the party desires to open a building. Thus if a building has an annual turnover falling between twelve lakhs to twenty lakhs Rupees then it might need a State license. The utmost tenure for this license is five years and also the minimum is one year.

Basic FSSAI Registration

The small and low turnover restaurants with annual revenue of up to one lakh Rupees are needed to get an FSSAI registration (basic). This FSSAI registration is issued by the authorities of the involved state. The utmost and minimum tenure of this license are five years and one year respectively.

Procedure to obtain FSSAI License

To obtain FSSAI License, Food business operator may visit https://www.fssailicense.org/#procedure and fill together the required details like the name of the business, email ID, mobile number, address, nature of business and pin code. After filling, the applicant must pay the fee by clicking on ‘Validate and Pay’. when clicking on ‘Validate and Pay’, 5 tabs can appear with mentioned fees and validity of the certificate. Click on the specified tab and pay the number to obtain the FSSAI License on-line.


Validity of five years: Rs. 5000

Validity of four years: Rs. 4200

Validity of three years: Rs. 3400

Validity of two years: Rs. 2700

Validity of one year: Rs. 2000


Penalties are levied if a business fails to meet the basic necessities, says a Tax Consultant in Chennai. Offence committed, the public entity sued and fine covered are mentioned in the column below

Quality issue with the productsSellerRs. 2 lakh
Misbranded food productsRs. 3 lakh
Misleading info or advertisementPublisher or folks concerned in publishingRs. 10 lakh
Sub-standard FoodManufacturer, Importer, vendor and DistributorRs. 5 lakh
Not compliant with FSOFBO or importerRs. 2 lakh
Unsanitary or unhealthful process or manufacturingProcessor or ManufacturerRs. 1 lakh
Food Containing inessential itemsManufacturer, Importer, vendor and DistributorRs. 1 lakh  

Validity of FSSAI License

The validity of FSSAI license is anywhere between one to five years. The licenses typically get revived yearly upon payment of the fee.

Renewal of the FSSAI License

As declared by the FSSAI, the FSSAI food license should be renewed for a period of one year or five years (depends on a case to case basis). The renewal must be done not later than thirty days before the expiration date as given on the license. A late renewal fee of one hundred INR per day applies for every day of delay post the expiration date.

Renewal process

Food license registration in Tambaram, Chennai may be renewed on-line or offline.

Online Renewal of the FSSAI License

  • Create a User ID and password to log in. This User ID and password would be solely applicable for a period of thirty days.
  • Fill out the renewal form.
  • On filling out the form, you’ll get a unique 17 digit number that may be utilized by you to trace the status of the renewal.
  • Typically, the renewal must be completed within a 30-60 day window.

Offline Renewal of the FSSAI License

  • Fill out the FSSAI form A, B, and C that are in public out there on the website.
  • Submit a self-attested declaration of possession of the business.
  • The FBO can conduct a check and make sure that all the main points provided are so as.
  • If all the documentation is so as and also the inspection result (as conducted by the authority) is satisfactory, then the license would be issued during a 30-60 day window.

Are you a food business operator in Chennai looking for Food license registration in Tambaram, Chennai? Get expert help now for a hassle-free processing at the comfort of your home at low cost.