What is an Income Tax Return?

ITR depicts income tax returns. All the ITR forms and procedures to be followed are ruled by The Income Tax Act, 1961. This text provides an in-depth understanding of the ITR definition and forms of ITR importance of Income Tax filing in Tambaram, Chennai from the view of a Tax Consultant in Chennai.

Income Tax return (ITR) can be a form in which the taxpayers file information concerning their gain obtained and tax applicable to the tax department. For Income Tax filing in Tambaram, Chennai the department has notified 7different forms i.e. ITR 1, ITR 2, ITR 3, ITR 4, ITR 5, and ITR 6 & ITR7 as yet.

Who must file ITR?

It is necessary to file tax returns (ITR) in India if any of the conditions mentioned below apply to you:

1. If you’re gross total gain is over the essential exemption limit as nominative below-

  • For individuals less than 60 years – Rs.2.5 Lakhs
  • For individuals sixty years and better than but below eighty years – Rs.3 Lakhs
  • For individuals eighty years and more – Rs.5 Lakhs
  • (The mentioned above limits are only for a resident individual. For a non-resident individual it is 2.5 Lakhs)

2. If you’ve over one offer of economic gain like house property, capital gains, etc.

3. If you want to get a tax refund from the department.

4. If you have obtained from or have invested with in foreign assets throughout the fiscal year.

5. If you would like to use for a visa or a loan

6. If you want to carry forward a loss beneath a head of economic gain

7. If the payer can be an organization or a firm, notwithstanding profit or loss.

Different types of ITR forms

In total, there are seven ITR forms offered for a payer to file his taxes. However, exclusively the following forms are to be taken into thought by folks once filing returns as per the Central Board of Direct Taxes in India:





The following legal instrument forms are applicable only for companies and firms:





ITR-1 or Sahaj are typically utilized by the below category of resident Indians.

  • Salary/pension gain
  • Income obtained from different sources excluding – lottery, horse race, etc.
  • Payment received for one house property with certain exclusions.
  • Income from different sources (including winnings from lottery and gain from horse race)
  • Agricultural gain of Rs.5000.

There are limitations to who will and cannot take this manner. As an example, folks with gain from foreign assets cannot file ITR one form.

ITR-2 :

Individuals and HUF with the below criteria will file ITR 2form –

  • Every gain from ITR 1 > fifty Lakhs
  • Capital gains
  • More than one house property
  • Foreign Income/ Foreign aid
  • Agricultural gain of over Rs.5000
  • Holding place in a Company
  • Investments in unlisted equity shares
  • Being a resident not usually resident (RNOR) and non-resident

Clubbing– a lot of, in an exceedingly case wherever another person’s gain, like one’s partner, child, etc., is to be clubbed with the gain of the assesse, this return form is commonly used where such gain falls in any of the upper categories.


Individuals or HUF with gain from the below sources can file ITR 3:

  • Every gain from ITR-2
  • A business or profession
  • If you are a non-public director in a company
  • Income received as a firm’s partner
  • Investments in unlisted equity shares
  • Income from salary/pension/house property/other sources


Individuals, HUFs, Partnership companies having gain from business and profession can take ITR four Form. Moreover, those that have chosen the presumptive gain theme beneath Section 44AD, Section 44ADA and Section 44AE of the tax Act can also file to utilize the ITR4 form. Turnover surpassing Rs.1 lakh ought to be compelled to be filed beneath ITR 4 form.


The ITR-5 form is used exclusively by the following bodies to file Income Tax Filing in Tambaram, Chennai:

  • Firms
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Body of individuals
  • Association of Persons
  • Co-operative societies
  • Artificial Judicial Persons
  • Local authorities
  • Business Trust
  • Investment Fund


ITR 6 form can exclusively be filed electronically by companies, excluding companies claiming an exemption beneath Section 11, that’s gain from a non-secular or charitable property.


Companies filing the return beneath the below sections of the tax Act can file exploitation ITR-7:

  • Section 139(4A): folks holding property for charitable or religious functions
  • Section139(4B): Political parties
  • Section 139(4C): institutions or associations mentioned beneath section 10(23A), 10(23B) medical and tutorial institutions, news and scientific research agencies.
  • Section 139(4D): beneath this section, colleges, and universities, or any such institution where revenue and losses do not appear to be required to be according as per the principles set beneath this section of the Act.

How will one file the returns?

One of the only ways in which is through the new tax portal, that has enabled a JSON utility to file the returns. If a remunerator downloads the utility and fills the form, they are going to be ready to file the tax Returns. The utility can assist the Assesses by pre-filling the data already accessible to that. The remunerator must make sure if that data is correct and may proceed to disclose different incomes if any.

What are the key things to stay in mind while filing returns?

The key factor is to make sure of complete revelation of data of your financial gain. Typically salaried persons attempting to file returns strictly supported their form 16. Likelihood is that they will miss data like interest incomes, transactions in share market and different vital data that are needed to be disclosed whereas filing the return. Such transactions are currently simply tracked and notices are issued for non-disclosure.

What are the factors to keep in mind?

There are totally different sets for tax return forms. Unremarkably salaried assesses file their returns beneath ITR 1 or ITR 2 forms. ITR 1 is for folks with financial gain of up to ₹50 lakhs, one house property and financial gain. However, if the person owns quite one house or the home is co-owned they have to file ITR 2. The taxpayers ought to select the right form applicable to them, because the department can treat the wrong form filed as an invalid return although the financial gain details are correct.

There are complaints concerning glitches on the new tax web site. What ought a remunerator to do once he faces an issue whereas filing a return?

Everyday progress has been created in resolving technical problems. If a person is facing any defect or issue, the primary recommendation would be to attend daily and take a look at it once more. Attributable to the magnitude or work concerned, some functionalities get quickly disabled and afterward get improved and enabled. If, even after a 24-hour wait, it continues to indicate the defect, it’s advisable to file a grievance on the tax Portal particularizing the precise nature of the difficulty faced, with a screenshot. The National web site Development team can guarantee it’s concerned in an exceedingly speedy manner and resolved.

Benefits of Filing ITR

  1. Easy Loan Approval:Documenting the ITR helps people when they need to apply fora vehicle advance or house advance. All significant banks can request a duplicate of government forms.
  2. ITR receipt may be a vital document:You need to save lots of ITR slips fastidiously as they’re terribly vital proof of your financial gain and payment of your taxes. It is far more careful than Form16. It contains your total financial gain details and has details of your financial gain from alternative sources.
  3. ITR receipt may be a helpful document for hassle-free process of bank loans:Most banks as well as NBFCs request ITR receipts of the advanced 3 years once you apply for high-value loans like automobile and residential loans. Banks recognize ITR because the most legal document substantiates an individual’s edges. Therefore, you must mechanically file a taxation statement or return if you’re aspiring to avail automobile or housing loans within the future.
  4. Visa process:Departments of advanced countries like North American nations, the US, Australia, and also the UK arouse ITR vouchers statements of the past years to arrange your visa application. They are terribly careful concerning your tax compliance and thus, you’re needed to give past ITR reports. This encourages them to judge your financial gain and assure that you simply will look out for the expenses on your trip.
  5. Compensate losses within the next year:People cannot carry over the disadvantages of this year to the future till an ITR is finished. Consistent with the taxation law, people aren’t allowed to hold forward losses and set them off on future year’s earnings if the ITR isn’t listed within the expected date. Hence, it’s necessary to file your taxation return on time to claim the losses in future years.
  6. Stay away from Penalty: On the off chance that ITR isn’t documented, the duty official merits the option to force a penalty of up to Rs.10, 000. Citizens are needed to pay Rs.5, 000 if the return is outfitted at the very latest December 31 of the evaluation year. The punishment increments to Rs.10,000 if the assesse documents the return one year from now between January 1 and March.

Documents needed for filing Income tax Return

  • Form 16: It is a TDS certificate assigned to you by your company to convey details of the payroll paid to you and TDS taken thereon if any.
  • Interest certificate from the post workplace and bank.
  • Form-16B/Form-16A/Form-16C
  • Form 26AS: It acts as your combined annual tax report. It’s like your tax record that has notice of all the taxes that are placed upon your PAN. It comprises:
    •  TDS subtracted by banks
    • Advance taxes are transferred by you throughout the year.
    • TDS subtracted by your firm.
    • Self-assessment taxes paid by you.
    • TDS is subtracted by the other firms from payments given to you.
  • Tax-saving advance proofs
    • Documentary proof to say deductions underneath section 80D to 80U
    • consumer credit report from bank or NBFC
    • Pre-validation of statement for ECS payment
  • Capital gains
  • Aadhaar card
  • Get details of investment in confidential shares
  • Get checking account details
  • Update post workplace and bank account record, PPF account record
  • Pay slips