The process with regards to sorting, storage, and retrieval of paper-based documents was extremely tedious. Manually collecting data and verifying them resulted in long queues outside the government offices. To overcome these issues government implemented a new program called MCA-21. This program brought out a revolution on corporate reforms, good governance, and regulations. The reason behind this was as follows

  • To enable organizations to register and file documents digitally
  • Assist public with easy access to records
  • Enable experts to offer proficient services to every client
  • assist MCA to warrant viable consistency concerning laws and corporate governance

Digital Signature Certificate is a part of the MCA 21 Program for e-administration. This article discusses the idea of DSC, the kinds of DSCs, and the strategy to enlist for DSC. Phoenix tax consultants provide the best services for obtaining a digital signature certificate in tambaram,Chennai for your business.

What is digital signature certificate?

Digital Signature is nothing but an authentic way to submit documents electronically. According to the information technology Act 2000, a digital signature or DSC is authentication of any electronic document by a subscriber to the document. A digital signature certificate in Chennai can be obtained from Phoenix tax consultants. They say it is a secure key given by certified authorities for validating and certifying the identity of the person to whomsoever the certificate belongs.

The digital signature certificate consists of basic information about the person holding it such as the user’s name, pin code, country, email address, date of issuance of the certificate, and name of the certifying authority. Therefore it works as authentication that establishes your credentials when conducting business online.

Manually written signature is utilized for signing the physical documents whereas, Digital Signature is used to sign electronic records such as e-forms, etc.

Why is digital signature certificate important?

All the documents filed and submitted by companies, organizations, or LLP’s that come under MCA 21 e-governance project need to file such documents using digital signatures. The person who is authorized must affix the documents with a digital signature.

No matter, if you are an individual or an entity, who has to get their accounts audited, must file their income tax using a digital signature.  According to the ministry of corporate affairs, it is mandatory for every company to file all their reports, applications, and forms using a digital signature.

Documents required for applying digital signature certificate

Phoenixtax – tax consultant in Chennai suggests keeping the following documents ready for a hassle-free process of procuring a digital signature certificate.

  1. Duly signed and filled application for a digital signature certificate.
  2. PAN card, Adhaar Card
  3. Authorization letter from an organization
  4. ID proof with photo
  5. Address of the applicant
  6. Water bill, electricity bill ( not more than  months)
  7. Attestation of all supporting documents, and forms

Validity of digital signature certificate

At general digital signature, certificates are renewable and come with up to three years of validity. However, you can’t buy certificates with more than 3 years validity or less than 1-year validity.

Types of digital signature certificates

The purpose for which an individual or entity is applying for a digital signature certificate decides the kind of DSC one must obtain. There are three types of DSC that Phoenix tax consultants would like to explain for your further understanding.

Class 1 Certificate

Any individual or private subscriber can obtain a class 1 certificate. This DSC confirms the holder’s user name, and email contact details

Class 2 Certificate

The director or signature authority of the business or organization has to obtain class 2 certification for the purpose of e-filing with the Registrar of the company. It is mandatory for individuals who sign manual records while filing returns with the registrar of the company. From 2021, the Controller of Certifying Authority has ordered to stop Class 2 Certificates and Class 3 Certificates will be given instead of Class 2 Certificates.

Uses of class 2 digital signature:

  • MCA e-filing
  •  Income Tax e-filing
  •  LLP registration
  •  GST application
  •  IE code registration
  •  Form 16,etc

Class 3 Certificates

Class III is the updated variant of the Class 2 digital signature. Class III is the updated variant of the Class 2 computerized signature. By utilizing this certificate you can bid in any sort of online tenders/auctions across India. Therefore each vendor taking part in e-tendering has to utilize a class 3 digital signature. This is the most significant level of DSC wherein the individual applying for DSC should show up before the Registration Authority and prove their identity. The main function of class 3 digital signature certificates are as follows

  • E-tendering
  •  Patent and trademark e-filing
  •  MCA e-filing
  •  Customs e-filing
  •  E-procurement
  •  E-biding
  •  E-auction

Procedure for obtaining digital signature certificate in Tambaram,Chennai

An individual can acquire DSC by applying to any Indian Certifying Authority (CA) approved vendors In Chennai can also get in touch with Phoenix tax one of the best tax consultants in Chennai. We further provide general or client-oriented information in regards to getting a DSC.

Authorized CA will provide you the digital signature. CA implies the position that has been allowed a permit to give a digital signature certification under Section 24 of the Indian IT-Act 2000. As a candidate of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), you need to make an application for DSC straightforwardly to the Certifying Authorities (CAs) that are appropriately signed and filled. Along with the application, you need to deliver a self-authenticated duplicate of your PAN Card and ID Proof having photograph and address of the candidate.

For door-step services on Digital signature certificate in Tambaram, Chennai contact Phoenix tax. We are always pleased to help you.