Balance sheet

GST is one indirect tax for the whole nation, which will make India one unified common market.

The Tool That Calculates the Real Performance Trend of a Company

Any business that has been setup is done with a motive to earn profits in good margin. That is the basic reason why there is a huge investment on the various requirements. Though you have various tools to maintain or track the regular expenses, it is quite important at the end of the day to compare the revenue in terms of the investment and have clear cut information about the real profitability of the organization. All the relevant financial information of a company that includes the investment, ownership status, assets and liabilities will be mentioned and hence this is considered to be snapshot of the financial condition of the company.

Assets, ownership equity and liability are three parts of a standard Balance Sheet. Balance sheet can also be maintained by a personnel or a company. The balance sheet is very important because it provides a good overview of where the profit is coming from. The total of assets and net worth will be added together and the total of liabilities will be subtracted from the sum in order to provide with the net worth. In this case, this will result in three scenarios such as negative, zero or a positive number. If the net worth is in negative state, that is a proof that the financial resources are not managed properly.

It can be simply equated to a report card of a student and the negative number means that the student has failed. Hence each and every company would like the net worth to be in positive status which means that the company is in a good condition and the financial status is managed very well. Consistency is the most important factor for any business to be successful. This means that the net worth should be linearly increasing over the years and this would be a good example of proper financial management. The financial crisis that happened recently is also called as balance sheet crisis. The root cause of the crisis was analyzed and found out that the improper maintenance of balance sheets has triggered the financial crisis. There is lot of agencies that does financing support for the organization.

Hence it is better for each organization which does not have sufficient exposure about the balance sheet to outsource an agency that can maintain the company’s balance sheet. It’s quite common nowadays that after the agency has made the balance sheet into positive trend, they also provide some training to the employees such that the companies will be in a position to maintain their own balance sheets after handing over back in good condition. Hence now it is very clear that enough attention needs to be given in maintenance of balance sheets. The types of balance sheets vary from personal balance sheet where the balance sheet of a person is maintained and on a business scale, where the balance sheet of the company is maintained.

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