Design registration is a form of intellectual property protection (IT Protection) granted to designs to stop others from copying or forging them. The stages for registering a design include gathering data, submitting an application, and clearing other legal obstacles. As a result, the registration of designs can be a challenging process. So why should you submit a design registration application? Does it have any advantages? Why not just register your trademark instead? There are, and in this blog post, we’ll highlight the advantages of design registration.

A product’s value can be increased by an industrial design. It can enhance a product’s appeal to consumers and perhaps serve as its main selling point. As a result, any designer or manufacturer’s business plan should place a high priority on securing valuable designs.

By registering an industrial design, its owner is given the sole authority to stop others from imitating or replicating it without their consent. This makes good financial sense since it increases a company’s ability to compete and frequently generates extra income in one or more of the following ways:

Benefits of Design Registration

You can prevent anyone from using your designs without your consent by registering them as designs. But this is only the very tip of the iceberg. The following are other advantages of design registration:

  • The design industry is lucrative. An extremely important corporate asset that can be leveraged for marketing designs. Customer attraction to the product can be achieved through effective design.
  • Substantial return on investment: One improbable advantage of design registration is that it can give you a substantial return on investment. Only you may use the design on your products once you have exclusive rights to it.
  • Design registration deters copycats from ever using your design for their own products: By registering your design, you can stop copycats in their tracks. Even slight resemblance to the design is prohibited, and you may be compensated for initiating a case. Although it is essentially the same as trademark registration, your chances of success are substantially higher here.
  • Design Licensing: Similar to trademark licensing, design licensing offers a considerable advantage. Design licensing, on the other hand, is a little more expensive and can bring in a lot more money.
  • It is possible to build goodwill: Similar to trademark registration, design registration aids in building goodwill in the marketplace. Once a significant reputation has been established, further deterrence against infringement is possible through design registration.
  • The registration period is long enough to give you recognition: A 15-year expiration date applies to a design registration (where you have to renew the design for 5 years after the first 10 years are complete). This amount of time will allow your trademark to get enough traction that, once it becomes extremely well-known, you won’t need to register it any longer.

You might pick design registration over trademark registration in light of these advantages. Not because trademarking is without importance; yet, as the design calls for actual expertise, it may be thought to be more deserving.

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