DIN is a unique identification number assigned to any individual meaning to be a Director or an existing director of an organization by the Central Government. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss DIN registration in Tambaram, Chennai.

Meaning of Director Number (DIN)

It is an 8-digit distinctive number that has lifespan validity. Through DIN, details of the administrators are maintained in a database.

DIN is particular to an individual, though he is a director in two or a lot of corporations, he should acquire only one DIN. And if the Director leaves an organization and joins another, constant DIN would work in the new company additionally.

Usage of DIN

Whenever, the director signs a return, an application or any data and with an organization are submitted underneath any law, in such cases the Director can mention his DIN beneath his signature.

Forms for DIN application and modification thereof:

SPICe Form:  In respect of the latest firm’s application for allotment of DINs to the projected new administrators shall be created in SPICe form alone. Any person (not having DIN) projected to become a primary director of a new company shall need to create an application through eFormSPICe. The applicant is needed to connect the proof of Identity and address beside the application. DIN would be allotted to User solely when approval of the form.

DIR-6 Form: Any changes within the particulars of the administrators shall be filed in type DIR-6. As an example, within the event of modification of the address of a director, he/she is needed to intimate this variation by submitting e-form DIR-6 beside the desired authenticated document.

DIR-3 Form: PhoenixTax- Tax Consultant in Chennai says, anyone aiming to become a director in an existing company or aspiring to get a DIN Registration in Tambaram, Chennai shall need to create an application in eForm DIR-3 for allotment of DIN and will follow the subsequent procedure:

Supporting Documents:

Attaching the scanned copy of supporting documents such as proof of identity, and proof of residence as per the rules and photograph is mandatory. Physical documents aren’t needed to be submitted at the DIN cell.

Fee Payment

Upon transfer, create the payment of the filing fee of eForm DIR-3. Solely electronic payment of the fees shall be allowed (i.e. internet banking / Credit Card/Debit Card/Pay later/ NeFT). The user is needed to register on the MCA21 Portal to get a Login ID. eForm DIR- 3 can be uploaded by logging in to the MCA21 portal and clicking on the ‘eForm upload’ link under ‘eForms’ tab. eForm DIR-3 are processed solely when the DIN application fee is paid.

Generation of DIN

Upon transfer and self-made payment, just in case type DIR-3 details haven’t been known as potential duplicate, Approved DIN shall be generated and if the main points are known as potential duplicate, conditional DIN shall be generated.

Verification of e Form:

If in case, details of eForm DIR-3 are found guilty as potential duplicate, it will be forwarded to the DIN cell for back work. Upon approval of the form, conditional DIN becomes approved DIN and would be out there for more use.

Common Causes of Rejection:

A conditional DIN is approved solely post scrutiny of the documents connected with the application. Some of the common reasons why the DIN application gets rejected are as under:

Non-submission of supporting documents

•The proof of identity of the applicant isn’t submitted.

•The proof of the father’s name of the applicant isn’t submitted.

•The proof of date of birth of the applicant isn’t submitted.

•The proof of the residential address of the applicant isn’t submitted.

•The copy of passport (for foreign nationals) isn’t submitted.

Invalid Application/supporting Documents

The supporting documents are invalid or crossed expiry date.

•The proof of identity submitted has not been issued by an authority.

•The application/enclosed proof has written entries.

•The submitted application may be a duplicate DIN application. •The submitted application doesn’t have a photograph appendant

•The signatures aren’t appended to the prescribed place.

•The applicant’s name crammed in form doesn’t match with the name within the closed in proof.

•The applicant’s father’s name filled in form doesn’t match with the father’s name within the closed in proof.

•The applicant’s date (DD/MM/YY) of birth filled in form doesn’t match with the date of birth within the closed in proof.

•The address details filled within the application do not match with those contained within the closed in supporting proof.

•The gender isn’t entered properly in type DIR-3.

•Identification variety entered in the application doesn’t match with the identity proof closed in.

•If closed, documents aren’t self-attested.

Digital Signature:

The e-Form DIR-6 should be digitally signed by the applicant. It must be mandatory certified by either of the below mentioned persons:

  • A controller
  • An organization Secretary
  • A value controller in the whole- time observer 
  • Company secretary (member of ICSI)
  • Director of an existing company during which the applicant is projected to be the director.

Reasons for Surrendering or cancelling the DIN

The Central Government could cancel the DIN owing to the subsequent reasons:

  • If a duplicate DIN has been received by the director
  • DIN was obtained by dishonorable means that
  • On the death of the involved person
  • Person of unsound mind as declared by the court
  • The person has been adjudicated as insolvent

The director also can surrender the DIN in kind DIR-5. With the form, he should submit a declaration that he has never been appointed as a director within the company and therefore the aforesaid DIN has ne’er been used for filing any document with any authority. Upon corroborative e-records, the central government can de-activate the DIN.

Note that, once an individual is appointed as a director in any company as per the businesses Act 2013, he cannot relinquish his DIN within the future. Though he doesn’t stay a director any longer in this company or in the other company, his DIN can exist because it is.

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