The process of  GST registration in Chennai is compulsory for businessmen and entrepreneurs whose income or turnover is more than 40 lakhs INR. This is to register as a normal taxable person. Generally, the time taken for GST registration lies between 2 and 6 business days. GST registration is also can be done through GST consultants in Chennai, this makes the work even simple. There is no separate fee for registering the GST through the government portal.

Given time for registration:

It is prescribed to take the registration within 30 days from the date on which he becomes liable to registration.

Persons liable to GST registration:

As per section 22 of the GST Act, certain persons are liable for obtaining GST registration:

1. Suppliers who are special in the exclusive supply of goods and their aggregated turnover is more than 40 lakhs INR in the financial year is required to pay GST. It is a must to obtain registration where the supply is initiated.

2. Persons who are all in the states with special status or union territories and are specialists in supplying goods whose aggregated income is more than 20 lakhs INR is required to obtain GST.

3. Supplier engaged in providing a taxable supply of services is required to obtain GST registration in case the aggregate turnover exceeds 20 Lakhs in a financial year.

4. It is liable to obtain GST registration for the persons who are registered under former law, on the day immediately after the appointment day.

5.If the business is transferred from one person to another, the transferee is liable to obtain the GST registration.

6. Transfer of company in case of amalgamation or de-merger following an order of a high court, tribunal, or otherwise.

Procedure for GST Registration:

All existing central excise and service taxpayers are being migrated to GST. Existing payers would be provided with a Provisional ID and Password by CBEC online on logging into their existing ACES login for excise or service tax. People with income tax associated with PAN will be issued with Provisional ID.

In some cases, an individual may not be provided with a provisional ID. Possible reasons for this include:

1. PAN associated with the registration not being valid

2. The PAN is registered with the state tax authority and provisional ID having been provided by the said state tax authority (e.g. state VAT department).

3. There being multiple central excise or service tax registrations on the same PAN in a state. You would probably get only one provisional ID for the first registration.

4. The assessees need to use this Provisional ID and Password to login to the GST Common Portal where they would be required to fill and submit Form 20 along with necessary supporting documents.

GST registration process:

Steps should be followed for GST registration:

1. Log in to the ACES portal using the credentials.

2. Follow the link to get the provisional ID and password.

3. Just save the credentials for future use.

Using the obtained ID and password log in to the GST portal and fill the Form-20. There will be a manual on how to fill on the Form-20.

Documents required to register:

Documents required to register for GST are listed below:

1. PAN Card of the company or business person.

2. Proof of constitution like Articles of association, Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Partnership Deed etc.

3. Proof for the base of business place, like Electricity bill, account statements, telephone bill.

4. Cancelled cheque of your bank account showing all the details of the account holder.

Partnership documents:

1. PAN card of the Partner.

2. Partnership Deed, govt. accepted proof.

3. Copy of Bank Statement.

4. Declaration to comply with the provisions.

Penalty for not registering GST:

A penalty of 10% on the due of the tax payment should be paid as the penalty for those who failed to register. If a person manages to escape from registering deliberately may need to pay 100% of the tax due.

To know Offences and Penalties under GST.


An Acknowledgement will be issued to the applicant, on the receipt of an application, in the form GST REG-02.

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