It is very privileged and it should be proud to hold the citizenship of India. As an Indian citizen, we have a plethora of roles and responsibilities to show our patriotism. One of the important things in that is to pay the taxes properly on time. In order to satisfy our needs related to tax filings and returns, a “Tax Consultant” is strongly recommended. According to an online poll conducted by the phoenix tax consultants in Chennai, most taxpayers do not know how to pick the right tax consultant.

Here, in this article, we can deeply research and learn how to choose, find the best tax consultant in Chennai.

1. Verify the PTIN:

The IRS of our Indian government is demanding for PTIN- Preparer Tax Identification Number and states that it is must mention PTIN on your return. Volunteer preparers do not have the PTIN and they do not need, so find a consultant with PTIN to assist you with tax filing and returns.

2. Use IRS directory:

This is one of the best ways to find an authentic tax planner; using the IRS’ directory. This is an advanced way of searching for a tax consultant because it is not a great deal likely to get a PTIN by a tax consultant. Search for the consultant who has completed the IRS’ Annual filing season program. Check for the credentials provided by the IRS. To find the right one use IRS’ directory.

3. Look for high profile:

Do a lot of fieldwork to find the right consultant. The number of emerging tax consultants number is skyrocketing. Look for the high profile tax consultants using other entrepreneurs, business persons, owners, traders to find a professional tax consultant who works for big shots. In addition to that, search for consultants who hold many prestigious roles in several organizations- National Association of Enrolled Agents, American institute of certified accountants.

4. Consider Certifications:

Search for the consultants who have completed additional certifications other than their educational qualifications. Select the consultants who have Code of Ethics certifications, meeting the criteria of professional conduct requirements. Check for the certifications that they got by cracking some challenging and professional eligibility test.

5. Search by Charge:

Certified tax consultants demand their change on an hourly basis. Do not select the person who is charging you based on your refund money of return. If the IRS is directly auditing you in person, at that time tax planner can charge you near to Rs. 10,000, this is according to the National Society of Accountants.

Simple Procedures to Select The Best Tax Consultant:

  1. Consider the professionals with good experience, assisted veteran tax consultants, additional certifications. For selecting fresher check their professional records and credentials.
  2. Do a lot of fieldwork and homework to catch the best consultant in Chennai. This will satisfy your inner heart as well as keep you relaxed all the time. You need not rely upon anyone.
  3. Select an extrovert person to get easily connected. Check for the person’s character because it is the basement for all works.
  4. There should not be any obstacles while reaching a professional. Reachability is the factor that one should consider. The tax planner should allow his client to meet him whenever it is necessary.
  5. If a tax professional has a black mark you can get to know easily by doing base research and get suggestions from your peers, friends to select the best tax consultant in your vicinity.
  6. Pick an up-to-date consultant to get your work easily done. They can provide you with services online as well, which is the easiest means of working and saves time.
  7. Use the google search engine for the best tax consultant in Chennai, you will see Phoenix tax consultants with favorable reviews from the clients as well as the public.

To know the Roles and Responsibilities of a tax consultant.