Clients of any trade, who don’t have a state and native tax specialist, usually seek a tax adviser to resolve problems. A tax consultant’s priorities embody not solely on compliance but extend to saving the corporate cash wherever they can.

Finding the best tax consultant near you is a tedious process. While businesses might prepare their tax returns themselves or have a standard ISO certified tax consultant handle holding tax compliance and tax audits and appeals, many tax consultants additionally offer tax consulting services to fulfill a company’s distinctive wants, which interprets to savings for the corporate. There is a transparent distinction between a tax-consulting firm and a public business firm.

Every time you earn some cash, a definite portion of it is to be paid to the government. In the form of taxes. Getting ready for a tax-return could be a cumbersome method and involves heaps of computation. Moreover, in a country like ours, wherever the amount of taxes applicable is maybe adequate to, if no more than the number of languages we tend to speak, it’s harsh to reckon the liabilities. Don’t forget to remember that the government may penalize you for your accidental mistakes in tax calculations.

It is however natural that a lot of individuals are apprehensive regarding giving out their monetary information to an entire alien. However, creating a fashionable mistake or a whole lot of a crucial deduction could be a lot of higher risk.

For most individuals, ‘tax savings’ brings to mind insurance Policies, PPF, NSC, Mutual Funds and Equity-Linked Savings themes, etc., that qualify for tax write-off underneath Section 80C of the Income-tax Act, 1961. However, there are several different lesser noted avenues that supply extra tax breaks to tax-payers. They are not widely mentioned as they involve special things in life like having a special dependant, paying rent to folks, owning a house in another town, and so on.


Some of the below mentioned situations highlight the roles of a tax consultant:


There are several tax incentives / deductions accessible for numerous businesses. These tax savings pays for themselves if your business is eligible for a tax write-off.

Also, if you’re running a business with success, wouldn’t you rather pay it slowly running the business and let the specialists watch out of your tax issues? Those hours / days spent understanding your financial gain and liabilities could also be higher spent earning way more than what you may be paying the tax authority.


If doing the books and pursuing the numbers simply isn’t your forte, please rent somebody to try to do it for you. It’s extremely not price breaking your head over it, or going wrong somewhere and moving into bother with the tax department.


Most of the tax returns are filed on-line these days. Each income tax return package includes a totally different system demand (eg. Java version, macros etc.). It will be quite tedious and long once the tax package keeps throwing up errors that are tough for a common person to understand.

Apart from these, there are several inherent edges a tax consultant can do:

  • They keep updated on the dynamic tax laws;
  • You get knowledgeable and practiced advice;
  • Finding mistakes instantly;
  • They become your advocate;
  • Find very little noted tax deductions; and
  • They give tax steerage throughout the year.
  • To summarise, income tax return filing isn’t a simple task. It involves a variety of procedures. You are needed to supply details regarding your financial gain, investments, property, etc. Tax laws and rules in Asian countries are complicated and crammed with jargon. Navigating through this maze will be difficult. Are you assured of handling these well? A wrong filing might land you in big trouble. Hiring the right tax consultant in Chennai for your business may well be a wise investment that is able to offer you secure returns within the sort of tax savings additionally as mental peace.


What concerning little and medium size companies that can’t afford a regular tax department?

Tax consultants will become an integral part of a small- to medium-sized operation by operating with existing company personnel in addressing the company’s tax compliance. Their mission is to assist the consumer create sound economic selections that may insure the company’s growth and long stability.

A tax adviser will sometimes assign company staff to handle every section of a tax project quickly and objectively in order that the corporate doesn’t have to be compelled to incur a long budget obligation by hiring extra employees.

For example, tax designing, which ought to play an integral half in a very company’s daily business, is usually neglected. The tax adviser will assist the business controller with tax designing also as complete tax examinations. Consultants will fill this role for the smaller businesses by recognizing that the necessities of the small- and medium-sized corporation are additional wide-ranging than those of the larger consumer.

A tax consultant in Chennai during a talk stated that a firm with deep tax-consulting experience offers services that go way on the far side those of accountants targeted on compliance. It’s vital for corporations to see on the far side their tax compliance work to the advantages which will be provided by tax consultants.

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Many tiny business owners manage their own finances however if you decide to employ business accountants, you may notice you save your business cash in the long run. Much more than the normal services accountants are therefore typically highly-trained trained, dynamic professionals who deploy leading edge technology to extend an owner’s understanding of their business and to propel growth, from new enterprises to established businesses. With their insight and skills you’d be thanking them to adjust your finances and unlocking actuality potential of your business.

Tax advice

Tax rules will be a maze and it will be terribly troublesome to remain au courant all changes to the law, notably as your tax position changes based on the structure of your business – limited company or otherwise. Thanks to their professional data on a variety of tax coming up with choices, our tax consultant in Chennai will assist you to create the foremost of every tax year and advise on the foremost tax-efficient arrange your business. Our team may save your business cash just by keeping an eye on tax deadlines. Whereas some penalties for late submission are smaller than others, all of them add up and ultimately this can be cash that might be higher invested within your business.

Cash flow and money prognostication

Having management over your prices and a decent accountancy performance will facilitate income in your business. In business, “cash is king”. Income is the life-blood of all businesses – significantly start-ups and tiny enterprises. As a result, it’s essential that management forecasts what’s aiming to happen to cash to form positives the business has enough to survive.

This is wherever our tax consultants come in. In manufacturing a forecast for your business, you may get a rolling forecast of your income, which implies you are invariably aiming to be up to now on your money position. Keeping an in-depth eye on your money position means you may have the chance to prepare for any problems in the blast. A surprising crisis position along with your income could be a sign of poor management.

Overheads ought to be comparatively simple to predict over a three-month timeframe. You may understand the price of rent, rates, insurance, etc. for many businesses, workers wages also are pretty fastened over this type of timescale too. Targeting these areas can facilitate the liquidity and financial condition of your business and permit you to sleep well.

Growing your business

Accountants typically see businesses grow from new start-ups to established profit-makers. Their expertise means that they will be key advisors for your business setup. From identifying your most dear purchasers to observing your growth and setting realistic targets, accountants will support your business growth in a very timely and smart manner.

Taking the correct steps might be the distinction between boosting your profits and curtailing your business development and potential investments. We’ve found that little businesses who work with a tax consultant see a 46% increase in their margin of profit, on average. As 42% of companies presently don’t work with a tax consultant, the on top of datum tells us that there’s a large chance for our purchasers to realize a major lead over their competitors.

Freeing up it slow

Any tiny business owner is aware of how precious time may be and your accountant will save your business cash by saving you time. By taking responsibility for going over your books and keeping on prime tax deadlines, an accountant will facilitate your schedule. You’ll have longer time to speculate in consumer relationships and therefore the work you originally took off to do.

Stamping out mistakes

Finally, be true to yourself – how do you feel about numbers and admin? This might look like a visible demand for a business owner however many of us don’t have the abilities or time to stay up with basic finance administration.Having an expert consultant taking over your work will facilitate contour the money method and confirm you aren’t penalised for straightforward slip-ups.

This additionally applies to claiming expenses, not solely saving you cash in places you hadn’t thought of however additionally guaranteeing everything is on top of board – and thereby minimising the possibility of being penalised.Your consultants will save your business cash in stunning ways by aiding in everything from everyday accountancy to developing a business set up, your consultants can’t solely assist you cut the odd value here and there however additionally create long changes that may prevent cash.

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