When there is an Income tax” The Just man will pay more and the unjust man will pay less on the same amount of income”. All the registered companies are authorized to file the GST return in terms of their business transaction, supply of goods and sales. Most of the taxpayer may approach the top consultant in Chennai for the income tax filing process. On the other hand if we don’t have any business activity nor sales during a month/quarter that also has to be filled under the NIL GSTR-3B and getting GST registration in Chennai is most popular nowadays which at least benefit the taxpayer for not paying any taxes during the pandemic period. The main purpose of filing the NIL GSTR-3B is to show the income tax department that the registered taxpayer fall under the low income taxable option and therefore no tax paid under that criteria. This may also benefit the taxpayer in getting the ITR as a proof of income for your future references.

Filing process

As per the existing process the taxpayer has to file the Nil GST in the online portal, for that they have to login to their account and then they have to file the statement of external supplies in FORM-GSTR on monthly or quarterly basis. You have more top consultant in Chennai to assist regarding the Nil GST filing.  Now as per the announcement from the CBIC (The Central board of indirect Taxes and Customs) it is now became a cake walk for the taxpayer to file their Nil GSTR through SMS from their registered mobile number. This facility was implemented from July 2020. After filing their Nil GSTR through SMS option the tax payer can check their status and confirmation of filing in the portal.

Step by step to file Nil GSTR-3B in Portal

Login the GST portal and you can see the below screen for your reference.

Now follow the navigation under Services>>Returns>>Returns dashboard

After selecting the Dashboard, you will get the below screenshot, in which you have to select the financial year and the return filing period under the GSTR-3B option and click the “Prepare Online” icon.

The system will pop up with few questions asking the taxpayer to select “Yes” or “No” option, the system will automatically skip all the other questions once we answer the first question.(Q.  Do you want to file nil return? we select the option “Yes”)

Please find the screenshot for more clearance

Now after this step the Form GSTR-3B preview will be displayed for your reference with nil figures in the form. It is very important to check and proceed in this form whether the GST is filled under zero entries.

There will be a declaration form given under the content for the taxpayer to affirm and declare that the information which was provided was true and correct to his knowledge and nothing has to be corrected therefore.

You can click the checkbox to declare this ticket

Now the taxpayer has to authorize with the signatory procedures either through EVC or DSC

Electronic verification code (EVC) is an option were an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile  number or email address

Digital signatory code (DSC) means the form has to be signed digitally by the authorized person.

This DSC is mandatory for company and Limited liability entities.

Therefore we need to select the suitable option for signatory purpose.

Final stage to file the Nil GSTR-3B, after declaring the declaration and the signatory procedures either thought digital or electronic code based on the taxpayer criteria, click the “Proceed” icon to file it successfully.

The taxpayer may receive a message popping in the portal as the filing is successful as per the below screenshot, now the taxpayer can download this acknowledgment for his future records.

Step by step to file Nil GSTR-3B through SMS

The taxpayer who likes to look after the easy option for filing the NIL GSTR can choose the below navigation through his registered mobile number

Type NIL 3B GSTIN Number Tax period (in MMYYYY) and send to 14409.

To make it more easier you can find the below example

  • If your GSTIN number is 08XXXXXXXXVBCFB , and if you want to file Nil GST for June month than send the SMS format as NIL 3B 08XXXXXXXXVBCFB 062020 to 14409
  • And for the quarterly basis the same format can be used and send SMS to 14409

After sending the SMS you will receive a Six digit code number in your mobile which is gain valid for 30 minutes

Now send this code again in the format CNF3B RECEIVED CODE to 14409.

Now the tax Nil GSTR will be filed and the taxpayer will receive the acknowledgment through SMS.

Note: For more details or help you can approach the top GST consultants in Chennai to get filling service or you may visit this website “www.gst.gov.in”. If you are looking for tax related services you can even consult a tax consultant in Chennai who can best help you with tax and finance related services