GST E- Way Bill process or GST registration in Chennai is an easy practice on the GST portal which is explained in a very simple understanding. The business nature must be registered and have to make GST E- waybill for each and everyshippinggood above the value of INR 50,000. There are several E-way bill cogency period and reserve which the government has authorized for the transportation of the goods.After the announcement and developing out the GST E-way bill across the nation, there are so many necessities and system for generating in the portal.

Contextual of E-way bill

E-way bill was additionally a part of VAT regime whereby it had been created beneath the name of Delivery Note. This delivery note was carried alongside merchandise the products which give the proof that goods being carried are already uploaded on the server of the department and thus no evasion of tax. The higher than system accustomed be manual system whereby the Delivery Notes were collected from the VAT department and soon its utilization statement is submitted.

Under GST, one system is being developed for the generation and cancellation of E-way bill.If completely different states had separate systems for generation of E-way bill it’d have resulted in issue to cross-verify of such E-way bill and additionally end in hindrance of movement of products and trade from one state to a different

Why and what for E-way bill

Electronic-way bill is a proof produced while uploading the transaction    details and the shipping details before the movement of goods.

  1. This E-way bill contains the goods detail, GSTIN of the registered recipient, invoice number, shipping date, goods value and HSN details.
  2. E-way bill number is a twelve-digit number and this bill also contains QR i.e. Quick response code which helps in relaxed and quicker verification process by the tax officials.
  3. Any movement of goods with a value exceeding Rs. 50,000 need to generate E-way bill before the start of goods.

Accountablefor E-way bill generation

It is the prime response of 4 active individuals who involved in the shipping is to generate the E-way bill. At the time of shipping the traders responsible to generate the E-way bill.If the trader or supplier is an unregistered person then it is the responsible by the recipient or the transporter to generate the E-way bill and start the movement of goods. The final person is the tax official who takes in charge of checking the trucks need to raise the E-way bill with a penalty or fine which will impact trader, transporter and recipient.

Registered vs Unregistered

The registered recipient can address themselves by simply using the GSTIN website. Enter the GSTIN, all information will get auto colonized and user just needs to pass in the OTP which will be sent on the registered mobile number. This User ID and Password is generated to be used for upcoming logins.

The unregistered recipient can allow the transporter to get the registration by submitting the details of PAN, Aadhar number, nature and place of business. After providing the details submit the process, from which a fifteen digit transaction ID will get generated, through which we can create the E-way bill submitting the details 15 digits TRANS ID is generated which is used by the transporter to enter his vehicle number to generate the E-way bill of movement of goods.

Step by step to generate E-way bill

First login the e-way bill system and enter the Username and password and also enter the captcha code to fulfil the login

Now check on the left-hand side of the dashboard under the “E-way bill” option select the “Generate New” and click on

  1. Now the entry form needs to be filled with the required details as per the below field.
GST Registration in chennai

2.Now check on the left-hand side of the dashboard under the “E-way bill” option select the “Generate New” and click on

GST Registration in chennai

             3. Now the entry form needs to be filled with the required details as per the below field.

                 *Under the transaction type select the “Outward” or “Inward” type as per your transaction.

                 *Select the document type, invoice number and date

GST Registration in chennai
GST Registration in chennai

After completing all the fields, the E-way is processed and get generates.

Authentication process of E-way bill

The GST consultants in Chennai help seize any conveyance to verify E-way bill in physicallyfor all inter or intra state movements of products and verification could alsobe done through Identification Device Readers. data concerning every andeach review should be recorded on-line in Part-A of kind GST EWB-03 atintervals twenty four hours of review and final report in Part-B of kind GSTEWB-03 shall be recorded at intervals 3 days of such review.

Once product are physically verified no additional physical verification unless a selected data concerning evasion of tax is created out there after.

Cancelling process of E-way bill

Sometimes due to natural calamities or stock demand shipping may be postpones or gets cancelled. Once after the generation of E-way bill it can be cancelled within 24 hrs of generation. After the verification of the tax official even the cancellation also cannot be done.

Documents for E-way bill

1.Registering on the electronic waybill portal.

2.Shipping of goods invoice, bill and challan need to be ready while filing in the portal.

3.The transporter details like his ID and address proof, vehicle document.

4.If shipping through air mode, then documentnumber and the date of movement is sufficient.

Finally, you would have learnt the complete definition of E-way billing, its background, ways to generate , cancel and the verification process serve us even more better, we have excellent professional tax consultant in Chennai to make things easier.

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