GTA refers to goods transport agency which implies any individual who offers service in relation to transport of goods by road and issues a consignment note by whatsoever title named. It is to be measured as the transportation of goods by road, until and unless it is shown as a service under a goods transportation agency, will not entice GST.

The GST law describes the Goods Transport Agency under the notification no.12/2017-Central Tax (Rate) dated 28.06.2017.  The issuance of a consignment note is measured as necessary for a supplier of service to be documented as a Goods Transport Agency. In any circumstance, the service provider fails to issue such a consignment note; the transporter will not drop in guidelines of goods transport agency. Additionally, the absence of a consignment note for any goods clues the transporter has ownership of goods and is fully responsible until the goods get delivered to the consignee.

In this article, our GST consultants in Chennai have discussed GTA and the provisions of GST applicable to them.

Consignment note

There is no mentioning of consignment note neither within the Act nor within the notification no. 12/2017-Central Tax (Rate). For info, one will undergo that means of consignment note described to the term underneath the reason to Rule 4B of Service Tax Rules, 1994. It defines a consignment note as a deed provided by a product transport agency against the receipt for the transport of products by thoroughfares in an exceptionally goods carriage. The document contains the small print like serial variety, name of the consignor and receiver, number of the carriage of the products within which the products are transported, details of products being transported, details of the place of origin and destination, and therefore the one that is responsible for the service tax collectible from the consigner received from transport agency.

Rates and services offered by GTA under GST

  1. Services merchandise of products transport agency (GTA) in accordance with the transportation of products comprising home goods used for private use employs GST @2.5%.
  2.  Also, similar rates are exerted for SGST that turns the effective GST tax rates into a five or 12-tone system. However, a condition implies for the speed of fifty that bounds the taxpayers that he can’t claim input step-down levied on merchandise or services utilized in the provision of service.
  3. The credit of input tax levied on goods or services utilized exclusively in the procurement of such service has not been accepted
  4. The credit of input tax credit levied on goods or services used up partly for obtaining such service and partly for other wedged supplies eligible for input tax credits; its setback proves such supply of service as an exempted supply and attracts the rules under provisions of GST laws.

GTA not liable in taking advantage

  1. The GTA isn’t at risk of making the most of ITC belong to and also the answerableness beneath GST is emitted below a reverse basis.
  2. The decrease (ITC) of the quantity of tax paid under reverse charge, issued its utilized within the course or development of business at his finish.
  3. The receiver would more be ready to make the most of ITC of the GST paid by GTA. Notification, additionally assigns that associated services in transport aside from those rumored in would charge GST @9% CGST.
  4. The SGST would additionally attract identical rates, which might lead to the effective rate applicable at eighteen.

Accountable to pay GST on GTA services

The accountability of paying GST for the supply of services by a goods transport agency is transferred to the receivers who have not collected central tax at the rate of 6%, in regards of transportation of goods by road as per the notification no. 13/2017 and . 22/2017-Central Tax dated 22.08.2017.

  1. All plants listed below or regulated by the Factories Act, 1948.
  2. Some society indexed below the Societies Registration Act, 1860 or below the other rule applicable for few times in any a part of India.
  3. Every co-operative society settled by or below any rule.
  4. If someone has registration below the Central product and Services Tax Act or the integrated product and Services Tax Act or the State product and Services Tax Act or the Union Territory product and Services Tax Act.
  5. Anybody company settled, by or below any law
  6. Any society if registered or not below as society law comprising an association of persons
  7. Random dutiable person.

Exemption list for GTA services

The exemption was provided for many basic things we use on daily basis and for superiority services like defense, military and aircraft.

  1. Agriculture products
  2. Milk, salt, flour, pulses, and rice
  3. Organic manure
  4. Magazines and newspapers
  5. Military equipment’s

Documents upkeep

All transporters should maintain records of the sender, receiver, and other related details of the goods in an arranged manner. A person engaged in the trade of transporting goods shall maintain records of goods elated, delivered, and goods warehoused by him along with the GSTIN of the registered sender and receiver for each of his branches.

To conclude, these are the implications, advantages, and exemption on goods transport agency under the GST laws. The transporters or the consigner can even hire a professional GST consultant in Chennai to make shipment even more legal and safe.

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