“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”. Starting up a new business is easy than searching up the location, the right location or place is more important for any type of business to have a long-lasting drive. Any Business we decide upon should base in a city where they have the finest relationships with the corporate environment. This may include associations with talent, suppliers, buyers, and investors. Fortunately, we have skilled and professional tax consultants in Chennai to help you in taking the right decision on the right business and moving it legally.

Business in Chennai

Chennai is considered to be the most demanding and developing place for any new business due to its unlimited opportunities and environment. Chennai can also be known as “Little Detroit” since 1/3rd of the automobile industry is occupied here. Chennai is also known as IT hub due to many Multinational companies started their operations and employing the professional from Chennai.

The major reason behind Chennai developing into a significant automobile hub or the “Detroit of India” is, being a significant port town and a primary center of all the import-export business of the vehicles.

The foreign majorly favor setting retailers in Chennai as a result of the trade most of their models within the country. Conjointly there are unit few makers that build their cars in India, however, aim at world markets. For them, Chennai is an associate degree export hub. For, each these variety of makers United Nations agency wish to line up factories in Chennai, the value is reduced as they’ll simply avoid the transportation charges of shipping their automobile received a port to their mill in the other town. All these things create Chennai, a land of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Once considering these reasons, we will say Chennai contains the tremendous potential to expand.

Types of business registration in Chennai

It’s sensible to listen that you’re planning to begin a brand new business, by this point you may come across different ideas for your new business startup in the city you have got encounter a unique variety of business registration, and the internet would have confused you.

  • Proprietorship: This form of registration is appropriate for tiny business with majuscule, there aren’t any obligatory registration necessities, however, for the sensible purpose, and it’s counselled to register Aadhar conjointly referred to as MSME registration or SSI registration.
  • Partnership business: Partnership business is appropriate for business with same options of proprietary company registration however if there’s over one business owner.
  • Limited Liability Partnership: Limited liability partnership registration is appropriate if you’re searching for options of personal Ld. with taxation compliance as same as a partnership firm and minimum mythical creature compliance.
  • Private Limited : If you’re searching for business type with all options except supply share to the general public then we tend to advocate you the formation of the new personal Limited
  • One Person Company: One person company has the same options of beginning a non-public Ld. however with are often started with one person.

Above four forms area unit, basic registration for forming a replacement business, with the exception of this GST registration in Chennai is needed if you crossing threshold limit or your business falls beneath obligatory GST registration.

Basic required document for registration

  • PAN
  • Id and address proof
  • Passport size photos
  • Scanned copies of all the above

Short Steps to register the business through online

  • Obtaining DSC (Digital signature)
  • Apply DIN ( Director identification number)
  • Name approval
  • SPICe Form
  • e –MoA and e –AoA

Concluding the document with all information shared was useful for a new entrepreneur to start up a business in Chennai and for a clear and easy go service you may consult the professional tax consultant in Chennai for the best and better move.